Criminal Case - Daily Bonus

The daily bonus is the rewards that we can receive every 24 hours for our game, these include energy that can be exchanged through a packet of fries and 3 bottles of orange juice, so if you collect them daily you can play your favorite game Criminal Case for longer.

Detective Criminal Case, it's time to recharge a little energy, in the Club we bring you this free energy so you can advance in your favorite game, but remember the following:

Daily Limit : 3 x Orange Juice (20 Energy) & 1 x Potato Chips (50 Energy)

Add us to your bookmarks, press Ctrl + D to remind

Returns for your bonus, when the counter back to zero: 15:11:43

Need Some Energy? Get Free Energy FREE

Because you must be attentive to each play and well fed, we give you a packet of fries that you can exchange for energy, if they are 50 energy points completely free for you.

Orange Juice FREE

But you also need a sip of drink, energy needed to not fall asleep, that's why we bring you 3 orange juices completely free, so you can exchange them for 60 points of energy.

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