Criminal Case - Daily Bonus

The daily bonus is the rewards that we can receive every 24 hours for our game, these include energy that can be exchanged through a packet of fries and 3 bottles of orange juice, as well as 3000 coins, so if you collect them daily you can play your favorite game Criminal Case for longer.

Detective Criminal Case, it's time to recharge a little energy, in the Club we bring you this free energy so you can advance in your favorite game, but remember the following:

Daily Limit : 3 x Orange Juice (20 Energy) & 3 x 1000 Coins & 1 x Potato Chips (50 Energy)

Add us to your bookmarks, press Ctrl + D to remind

Returns for your bonus, when the counter back to zero: 23:59:59

Need Some Energy? Get Free Energy FREE

Orange Juice FREE

But you also need a sip of drink, energy needed to not fall asleep, that's why we bring you 3 orange juices completely free, so you can exchange them for 60 points of energy.

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