Criminal Case - Ranges and Levels

You are the best on this case! Keep on scoring high to keep your rank

The ranks are part of the evolution of the player within the game, the player is able to rise in rank each time he reaches a certain level and even obtaining the stars of each case can rise in rank. When ranking up the player will be able to share chips with other friends and they will be able to return that help with lucky cards.
Keep in mind that these cards are used to obtain objects in the game, therefore they are very helpful because they will allow us a fast advance.

As you progress in the game, you will earn XP points. As you gain more XP points, you will Level Up (e.g. from Level 2 to 3, from Level 3 to 4). Sometimes when you Level Up, you also reach a new Rank (e.g. Deputy).

There are currently 19 Rank Ups and they occur when you reach the following Levels:

Level 1Rank: Officer

Level 5Rank: Deputy

Level 12Rank: Detective

Level 20Rank: Corporal

Level 32Rank: Sergeant

Level 45Rank: Lieutenant

Level 60Rank: Captain

Level 75Rank: Major

Level 100Rank: Inspector

Level 125Rank: Lead Inspector

Level 150Rank: Commander

Level 175Rank: Deputy Chief

Level 200Rank: Commissioner

Level 250Rank: Sheriff

Level 300Rank: Ranger

Level 350Rank: Marshal

Level 400Rank: Senior Trooper

Level 500Rank: General

Level 600Rank: Secret Agent

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